Learn to be a real magician.  Includes tricks and booklets to amaze your friends!

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Included are instructions to perform 6 Amazing Magic Tricks: 1) The Rising Wand, 2) The Jumping Wand, 3) The Tricky Wand, 4) The Appearing Hanky, 5) The Bottled Wand, 6) The Magnetic Wand.
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             Learn to Be A Magician
Learning to be a Magician takes practice. Perfect practice makes a perfect performance. Mastering the basic skills, provided in this book, will lead you from these three classes, into a career of full-time magic. If you are looking to amaze your friends and family, they will believe in magic as use the skills, sleight of hand moves, all while using simple objects.     $15   (Includes shipping)

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Steve's Magical Journey

This booklet tells Steve's transition from orphan boy to full time Entertainer.  It is written in poetry couplets, making it a friendly read for children and adults.  Heartwarming and educational, Steve 'reveals' his magical secrets to remaining focused on the best life has to offer.

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           Secrets of Ventriloquism 
A beginners guide in how to perform ventriloquism. Lessons include puppetry, ventriloquism language, and showmanship. Steve and Vickie co-wrote and share their experiences and knowledge in this easy to read fun and educational handbook.
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Mobile  Restaurant

This book will equip any strolling magician on how to approach a restaurant owner, schedule table-to-table magic, and provide information to keep and maintain a full-time career in magic.                 $12
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Steve Holt's Magic Show Coloring Book

Includes magic tricks you can make at home and entertain and amaze your friends. Coloring the pictures will take you on a journey throughout Holt's magical stage career and history of magicians and their shows.
$12  (Includes shipping)

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