Celebrating Entertaining 20 years weekly in local restaurants !!!

May - October Saturday Night Lights
Tryon International Equestrian Center (www.Tryon.com) has hosted my Non-Stop Side Walk Magic Shows for a 3 hour time slot usually beginning at 5pm until 8pm.  My act is viewed by a continuous flow of 2500 to 10,000 excited guests who visit this resort.  Much of what I do is amazing closeup sleight of hand with coins, cards, ropes, handkerchiefs, balls, etc. , which is the best kind of magic illusions and the crowd loves it!  Ever once in a while I will throw in some large illusions and will feature my Ventriloquist Act using a cast of zany puppet characters.  There is so much going on each week.  You gotta come check it out!

Golly, Gee, WOW!
We've had the privilege of traveling and presenting our shows in a five state area for the last several weeks in churches, schools, at birthday parties, business meetings and dinners.  Just now catching you up on all the exciting news.  As we've packed up and headed out each day, we become more enthused about the places we are going and the new friends we will meet!

Once we have arrived, the unpacking of the show takes place. Now, it is showtime.  We love it!

35 to 45 minutes of great magic, comedy and fun are displayed on the stage, in a living room or outdoors for curious onlookers, sponsors, friends and fans.  Every illusion, effect and act presented captivates the audiences and they often ask us to return.  "What the world", is something we hear often and this is great, because we know everyone is having a great time at the show.

This show would not be possible without our loyal audience and sponsors.  We want to say a big THANK YOU to all of you!


 Learn more about Steve and his humble beginnings by clicking on the link above.

As a child Steve was very shy, and had to overcome the fear of not being able to express himself. Becoming an Entertainer is something that helped Steve do this.  In all his years providing presentations for thousands of events, he has yet run out of refreshing ideas to energize audiences. He considers himself a Motivator who inspires others.

Orphan Boy's Fear Miraculously Becomes a Future of Hope


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